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How to install iSilo™ for Palm OS®


The instructions below provide step-by-step instructions on installing iSilo™ for Palm OS® to your Palm OS® device and assume that you synchronize your device with a Windows® desktop computer.

Note that the images shown here may differ from your particular setup depending on the version of iSilo™ you install, the version of Palm OS® running on your device, and third party software that you may have installed, but the instructions are pretty much the same.


  1. From your Windows® desktop computer, start your browser and go to the download page for iSilo™ for Palm OS® at

  2. Scroll down to the Windows setup program section and click the link to download the .exe setup program.

  3. In the File Download window, select the option to Save this program to disk, then click OK.

  4. In the Save As window, select a location to save the setup program, then click Save.

  5. The setup program downloads.

  6. After the program completes downloading, you get the Download complete window. Click Open.

  7. If you saved the program to your Desktop, you should see this icon. If you decide to cancel the setup at any time, you can double-click the icon at a later time to restart the setup program.

  8. The setup program initializes itself.

  9. In the iSilo Setup: Welcome screen, click Next.

  10. In the iSilo Setup: Software License Agreement screen, read the license agreement, then click Accept.

  11. In the iSilo Setup: Options screen, select your HotSync® user name from the list if it is not already selected, then click Install.

  12. In the iSilo Setup: Complete screen, read the README.TXT notes, then click Finish.

  13. Connect your Palm OS® device and perform a HotSync® operation to have the files installed to your device.

  14. After the HotSync® operation completes, you should then see an icon for iSilo™ in the application launcher screen.

  15. Congratulations on successfully installing iSilo™ for Palm OS®.

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