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How to set iSilo™ for iPhone OS file server security options


iSilo™ implements a WebDAV file server, which is essentially a web server that allows file transfer in both directions using the standard WebDAV protocol. In order to be able to transfer files in both directions, such as transferring files to and from a desktop computer, the client computer must understand the WebDAV protocol. Most desktop operating systems have built-in capabilities for connecting to WebDAV servers for transferring files in both directions. This discussion will use the term computer to refer to the client device, as the assumption is that most users want to be able to transfer files to and from their desktop or notebook computers. However, client devices are not limited to desktop computers.

For purposes of basic security, the initial default has the server enabled only while in the File Server View dialog, but with no access limitations. This default limits the timeframes during which the server is open or vulnerable to access, but still keeps things easy enough for a new user to get started transferring files. Read the following section to better understand some of the security implications of having the file server active.

Although the WebDAV protocol is a standard, different WebDAV servers and clients may have implementations that differ from the standard in one or more ways that can sometimes make interoperability difficult. As such, it is possible that one or more WebDAV clients may not work with the iSilo™ WebDAV file server.

However, once you are successfully able to transfer files using the initial default settings, you are encouraged to add password protection to the server. But taking into consideration possible interoperability difficulties, it is altogether possible that although you may be able to successfully transfer files with no password protection, you might find that adding password protection makes it impossible to transfer files.

The sections in this article describe several possible settings combinations that provide different levels of security. Reading this article will give you a better understanding of the options available and how to tailor them for your specific needs, balancing security and convenience.


  1. initial settings
    The main security implication of having the file server active is that files can be transferred from the device. With no access restrictions, anybody that can reach your device through the network with a web browser can download your entire set of files. Someone who has a WebDAV client would be able to delete or replace your files. If you have private, confidential, or sensitive documents, this is likely to be a major concern of yours.

    iSilo™ provides a number of different options in the File Server View dialog for customizing when the server is active and what types of access restrictions to impose.

    The following screenshot shows the initial settings of the file server with very minimal security, consisting only of limiting when the server is active to the times when you are in the File Server View.

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