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  1. Cuentos ingenuos by Trigo, Felipe
  2. A Parody on Iolanthe by Dalziel, D.
  3. Motor tours in Yorkshire by Stawell, Mrs. Rodolph
  4. L'Illustration, No. 2521, 20 Juin 1891 by Various
  5. Neighbors Unknown by Roberts, Charles G. D., Sir
  6. Red Fox The Story of His Adventurous Career in the Ringwaak Wilds and of His Final Triumph over the Enemies of His Kind by Roberts, Charles G. D., Sir
  7. The Black Tortoise Being the Strange Story of Old Frick's Diamond by Sparre, Christian
  8. Our Young Aeroplane Scouts in Russia Lost on the Frozen Steppes by Porter, Horace
  9. The Room with the Tassels by Wells, Carolyn
  10. The Privy Purse Expenses of King Henry VIII from November MDXXIX, to December MDXXXII by Nicolas, Nicholas Harris, Sir
  11. Elsie's Journey on Inland Waters by Finley, Martha
  12. The Moving Picture Boys and the Flood Perilous Days on the Mississippi by Appleton, Victor
  13. Matkahavaintoja puoli vuosisataa sitten by Topelius, Zacharias
  14. Famous American Belles of the Nineteenth Century by Peacock, Virginia Tatnall
  15. Die Ägyptische Pflanzensäule by Borchardt, Ludwig
  16. The Gypsy's Parson his experiences and adventures by Hall, George
  17. The Finished Mystery by Russell, Charles Taze
  18. Indian Birds Being a Key to the Common Birds of the Plains of India by Dewar, Douglas
  19. Loyola and the Educational System of the Jesuits by Hughes, Thomas
  20. Capitals of the Northlands Tales of Ten Cities by Hannah, Ian C.
  21. The Gayton Scholarship A School Story by Hayens, Hebert
  22. Goethes Briefe an Leipziger Freunde by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
  23. Le livre de tous les ménages ou l'art de conserver pendant plusieurs années toutes les substances animales et végétales by Appert, Nicolas
  24. The Garden of Swords by Pemberton, Max
  25. Origin Myths among the Mountain Peoples of the Philippines by Beyer, H. Otley
  26. Charities and the Commons: The Pittsburgh Survey, Part II: The Place by Various
  27. Virginia's Attitude Toward Slavery and Secession by Munford, Beverley B.
  28. The Khaki Boys at Camp Sterling Training for the Big Fight in France by Chase, Josephine
  29. Leaves from My Journal Third Book of the Faith-Promoting Series by Woodruff, Wilford
  30. Charities and the Commons: The Pittsburgh Survey, Part I: The People by Various
  31. Of Walks and Walking Tours An Attempt to find a Philosophy and a Creed by Haultain, Arnold
  32. Brani inediti dei Promessi Sposi. Opere di Alessando Manzoni vol. 2 parte 1 by Manzoni, Alessandro
  33. Vitus Bering: the Discoverer of Bering Strait by Lauridsen, Peter
  34. La Flandre pendant des trois derniers siècles by Lettenhove, Constantine Bruno Kervyn de
  35. Gibraltar by Field, Henry M. (Henry Martyn)
  36. A Spring Walk in Provence by Marshall, Archibald
  37. The Sidereal Messenger of Galileo Galilei and a Part of the Preface to Kepler's Dioptrics Containing the Original Account of Galileo's Astronomical Discoveries by Galilei, Galileo Kepler, Johannes
  38. A Revision of the Treaty Being a Sequel of The Economic Consequence of the Peace by Keynes, John Maynard
  39. Shinto The Way of the Gods by Aston, W. G. (William George)
  40. Dynamite Stories and some interesting facts about explosives by Maxim, Hudson
  41. The Kindred of the Wild: A Book of Animal Life by Roberts, Charles G. D., Sir
  42. The Christian Hymn Book A Compilation of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Original and Selected, by A. Campbell and Others by Various
  43. Our Little Arabian Cousin by McManus, Blanche
  44. Vasco, Our Little Panama Cousin by Pike, H. Lee M. (Henry Lee Mitchell)
  45. A Little Change A Farce in One Scene by Grundy, Sydney
  46. The Boy Allies on the North Sea Patrol Striking the First Blow at the German Fleet by Hayes, Clair W. (Clair Wallace)
  47. Sonia: Between two Worlds by McKenna, Stephen
  48. Tales and Legends of the Tyrol by Günther, A. von
  49. The Turned-About Girls by Dix, Beulah Marie
  50. Twos and Threes by Stern, G. B. (Gladys Bronwyn)
  51. The Relations between the Laws of Babylonia and the Laws of the Hebrew Peoples The Schweich Lectures by Johns, C. H. W. (Claude Hermann Walter)
  52. South American Jungle Tales by Quiroga, Horacio
  53. ABC of Vegetable Gardening by Rexford, Eben E. (Eben Eugene)
  54. Der Kunstreiter, 1. Band by Gerstäcker, Friedrich
  55. The Boy Allies with the Terror of the Seas The Last Shot of Submarine D-16 by Hayes, Clair W. (Clair Wallace)
  56. Among the Birds in Northern Shires by Dixon, Charles
  57. Our Little Quebec Cousin by Saxe, Mary S.
  58. The Relentless City by Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)
  59. Two Tragedies of Seneca Medea and The Daughters of Troy Rendered into English Verse by Seneca, Lucius Annaeus
  60. The Adopting of Rosa Marie A Sequel to Dandelion Cottage by Rankin, Carroll Watson
  61. Of the Injustice of Counterfeiting Books From: Essays and Treaties on Moral, Political and various Philosophical Subjects by Kant, Immanuel
  62. Der Kunstreiter, 2. Band by Gerstäcker, Friedrich
  63. Der Kunstreiter, 3. Band by Gerstäcker, Friedrich
  64. The Classic Myths in English Literature and in Art (2nd ed.) (1911) Based Originally on Bulfinch's by Gayley, Charles Mills
  65. The Deep Lake Mystery by Wells, Carolyn
  66. L'Illustration, No. 2522, 27 Juin 1891 by Various
  67. Manual of Taxidermy A Complete Guide in Collecting and Preserving Birds and Mammals by Maynard, Charles Johnson
  68. How To Ski and How Not To by Caulfeild, Vivian
  69. Abbotsford by Crockett, W. S. (William Shillinglaw)
  70. Vanished Halls and Cathedrals of France by Edwards, George Wharton
  71. Arkielämää Kertomus by Jotuni, Maria
  72. Rakkautta Novelleja by Jotuni, Maria
  73. Suhteita Harjoitelmia by Jotuni, Maria
  74. Inselwelt. Zweiter Band. Australische Skizzen. Gesammelte Erzählungen. by Gerstäcker, Friedrich
  75. Lausanne by Gribble, Francis Henry
  76. Motor Matt; or, The King of the Wheel Motor Stories Thrilling Adventure Motor Fiction No 1. by Matthews, Stanley R.
  77. Sebastian Bach by Poole, Reginald Lane
  78. The Judgment Books A Story by Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)
  79. The Senses and The Mind by Anonymous
  80. Evolution in Art As Illustrated by the Life-histories of Designs by Haddon, Alfred C. (Alfred Cort)
  81. Earliest Years at Vassar Personal Recollections by Wood, Frances A.
  82. Pekka Puavalj Luonteenpiirteitä purkupäiviltä by Lassila, Maiju
  83. La mirabile visione Abbozzo d'una storia della Divina Comedia by Pascoli, Giovanni
  84. Tahiti: Roman aus der Südsee. Vierter Band by Gerstäcker, Friedrich
  85. The Secret Life Being the Book of a Heretic by Bisland, Elizabeth
  86. The Boy Allies with Pershing in France Over the Top at Chateau Thierry by Hayes, Clair W. (Clair Wallace)
  87. Der lebende Leichnam Drama in sechs Akten (zwölf Bildern) by Tolstoy, Leo, graf
  88. Drawings of Rossetti by Wood, T. Martin
  89. Stories of Exile Ethan Brand; The Swans of Lir; A Night in a Workhouse; The Outcasts of Poker Flat; The Man Without a Country; Flight of a Tartar Tribe by Various
  90. Mesék és regék by Jókai, Mór
  91. Lancashire Sketches Third Edition by Waugh, Edwin
  92. The Octoroon or, Life in Louisiana; A Play in Five acts by Boucicault, Dion
  93. A Little Pilgrimage in Italy by Potter, Olave M. (Olave Muriel)
  94. Secrets of the Sword by Bazancourt, César Lecat de
  95. The Romance of Modern Mechanism SUBTITLE=With Interesting Descriptions in Non-technical Language of Wonderful Machinery and Mechanical Devices and Marvellously Delicate Scientific Instruments by Williams, Archibald
  96. Private Journal of Henry Francis Brooke Late Brigadier-General Commanding 2nd Infantry Brigade Kandahar Field Force, Southern Afghanistan, from April 22nd to August 16th, 1880 by Brooke, Henry Francis
  97. Sonia Married by McKenna, Stephen
  98. Trooper Bluegum at the Dardanelles Descriptive Narratives of the More Desperate Engagements on the Gallipoli Peninsula by Hogue, Oliver
  99. In the Name of Liberty: A Story of the Terror by Johnson, Owen
  100. The Vitality of Mormonism--An Address by Talmage, James E. (James Edward)
  101. Vita di Andrea Doria, Volume I by Guerrazzi, Francesco Domenico
  102. Vita di Andrea Doria, Volume II by Guerrazzi, Francesco Domenico
  103. An American Girl in Munich Impressions of a Music Student by Daniels, Mabel W.
  104. Germany's Vanishing Colonies by Sueur, Gordon le
  105. The Girl in Industry by Collier, D. J. (Dorothy Josephine) Hutchins, B. L. (Elizabeth Leigh)
  106. The Story of The Atlantic Cable by Bright, Charles
  107. The Scottish Parliament Before the Union of the Crowns by Rait, Robert S. (Robert Sangster)
  108. The German Lieutenant and Other Stories The German Lieutenant; Over-Refinement; "Unwelcome;" Higher Aims; Paul and Peter; A Funeral; The Last Shot by Strindberg, August
  109. The Playwork Book by Macbeth, Ann
  110. Gudrun A Mediaeval Epic by Nichols, Mary Pickering
  111. Early Western Travels 1748-1846, Volume XVIII by Various
  112. Autour de la lune by Verne, Jules
  113. The Dark Ages and Other Poems by L.
  114. Typesetting A primer of information about working at the case, justifying, spacing, correcting, making-up, and other operations employed in setting type by hand by Stewart, A. A. (Alexander A.)
  115. Canada in Flanders, Volume I (of 3) by Beaverbrook, Max Aitken, Baron
  116. Canada in Flanders, Volume II (of 3) by Beaverbrook, Max Aitken, Baron
  117. Canada in Flanders, Volume III (of 3) by Roberts, Charles G. D., Sir
  118. The Dreadnought of the Air by Westerman, Percy F. (Percy Francis)
  119. The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia by Craigie, Sir William Alexander
  120. The Valkyries by Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)
  121. Comic Arithmetic by Anonymous
  122. Henry Ford's Own Story How a Farmer Boy Rose to the Power that goes with Many Millions Yet Never Lost Touch with Humanity by Lane, Rose Wilder
  123. The Story of the Pullman Car by Husband, Joseph
  124. Belle Powers' Locket by Mathews, Joanna H. (Joanna Hooe)
  125. The Copperhead by Frederic, Harold
  126. Pablo de Segovia, the Spanish Sharper by Quevedo, Francisco de
  127. Osservazioni sullo stato attuale dell'Italia e sul suo avvenire by Belgioioso, Cristina Trivulzio di
  128. The Motor Boys Over the Ocean Or, A Marvelous Rescue in Mid-Air by Young, Clarence
  129. Perseverance Island Or, The Robinson Crusoe of the Nineteenth Century by Frazar, Douglas
  130. The Data of Ethics by Spencer, Herbert
  131. Locke by Fowler, Thomas
  132. The Adventures of Captain John Patterson with Notices of The Officers &c. of the 50th or Queen's Own Regiment from 1807 to 1821 by Patterson, J. H. (John Henry)
  133. The Wars of the Roses or, Stories of the Struggle of York and Lancaster by Edgar, John G. (John George)
  134. Lammermoorin morsian by Scott, Walter
  135. Garden Cities of To-Morrow Being the Second Edition of "To-Morrow: a Peaceful Path to Real Reform" by Howard, Ebenezer
  136. Romantische Lieder by Hesse, Hermann
  137. History of the Fan by Rhead, George Woolliscroft
  138. L'Illustration, No. 0060, 20 Avril 1844 by Various
  139. A Rough Diamond A Comic Drama in One Act by Buckstone, John Baldwin
  140. The Autobiography of a Clown by Marcosson, Isaac Frederick
  141. Myths of the Iroquois. (1883 N 02 / 1880-1881 (pages 47-116)) by Smith, Erminnie A.
  142. Reise in Südamerika. Erster Band. by Bibra, Ernst von
  143. La femme au dix-huitième siècle by Goncourt, Jules de Goncourt, Edmond de
  144. Experiments and Observations on the Following Subjects 1. On the preparation, calcination, and medicinal uses of Magnesia Alba. 2. On the solvent qualities of calcined Magnesia. 3. On the variety in the solvent powers of quick-lime, when used in different quantities. 4. On various absorbents, as promoting or retarding putrefaction. 5. On the comparative antiseptic powers of vegetable infusions prepared with lime, &c. 6. On the sweetening properties of fixed air. by Henry, Thomas
  145. Six Cups of Coffee Prepared for Public Palate by the Best Authorities on Coffee Making by Parloa, Maria Cambell, Mrs. Helen Owen, Catherine Harland, Marion Corson, Juliet
  146. The Book of Princes and Princesses by Lang, Mrs.
  147. The Riverpark Rebellion by Greene, Homer
  148. Pörssiylimys Erään amerikalaisen miljoonamiehen elämäntarina by Sinclair, Upton
  149. The Child in the Midst A Comparative Study of Child Welfare in Christian and Non-Christian Lands by Labaree, Mary Schauffler
  150. Mediæval Heresy and the Inquisition by Turberville, A. S.
  151. Famous Days in the Century of Invention by Stone, Gertrude L. Fickett, M. Grace
  152. India Under British Rule From the Foundation of the East India Company by Wheeler, James Talboys
  153. The Last Ditch by Comfort, Will Levington
  154. The Notting Hill Mystery by Felix, Charles
  155. Reise in Südamerika. Zweiter Band. by Bibra, Ernst von
  156. The Fantastic Clan The Cactus Family by Thornber, John James Bonker, Frances
  157. The Maid of Sker by Blackmore, R. D. (Richard Doddridge)
  158. Die Tote und andere Novellen by Mann, Heinrich
  159. Tea and Tea Drinking by Reade, Arthur
  160. Two in a Zoo by Dunham, Curtis
  161. Malaeska: The Indian Wife of the White Hunter by Stephens, Ann S. (Ann Sophia)
  162. By Forest Ways in New Zealand by Roberts, F. A.
  163. Ad armi corte Commedia in un atto by Bracco, Roberto
  164. Maschere Dramma in un atto by Bracco, Roberto
  165. Il piccolo santo Dramma in cinque atti by Bracco, Roberto
  166. The Book of Daniel Unlocked by Auchincloss, W. S.
  167. History of the Zulu War by Wilmot, A.
  168. British Royal Proclamations Relating to America 1603-1783 by Various
  169. Experiments and Observations Tending to Illustrate the Nature and Properties of Electricity In One Letter to Martin Folkes, Esq; President, and Two to the Royal Society by Watson, William
  170. Fishing with Floating Flies by Camp, Samuel G.
  171. Fathers of Men by Hornung, E. W. (Ernest William)
  172. Florida Caverns State Park Marianna, Florida by Vernon, Robert O.
  173. A Tale of the Tow-Path by Greene, Homer
  174. Tourmalin's Time Cheques by Anstey, F.
  175. Der Findling. Zweiter Band. by Verne, Jules
  176. The History of the Confederate War, Its Causes and Its Conduct, Volume II (of 2) A Narrative and Critical History by Eggleston, George Cary
  177. The Knights of the Round Table Stories of King Arthur and the Holy Grail by Frost, William Henry
  178. Punainen huone Kuvauksia taiteilija- ja kirjailijaelämästä by Strindberg, August
  179. Flower of the Gorse by Tracy, Louis
  180. Two Years and Four Months in a Lunatic Asylum from August 20th, 1863 to December 20th, 1865 by Chase, Hiram
  181. Der Findling. Erster Band. by Verne, Jules
  182. The Forty-third regiment United States Colored Troops by Mickley, Jeremiah Marion
  183. Sonata de otoño; Sonata de invierno memorias del Marqués de Bradomín by Valle-Inclán, Ramón del
  184. La maison d'un artiste - Tome 1 by Goncourt, Edmond de
  185. Frau Jenny Treibel Roman aus der Berliner Gesellschaft by Fontane, Theodor
  186. The Devil by Molnár, Ferenc
  187. Germany in War Time What an American Girl Saw and Heard by McAuley, Mary Ethel
  188. Letters from the Holy Land by Butler, Elizabeth
  189. Elsie's Young Folks in Peace and War by Finley, Martha
  190. While I Remember by McKenna, Stephen
  191. Stories of Robin Hood by Bush, Bertha E.
  192. Fighting Without a War: An Account of Military Intervention in North Russia by Albertson, Ralph
  193. The Pan-German Programme The Petition of the Six Associations and the Manifesto of the Intellectuals by Various
  194. Avioelämää I Kaksitoista kertomusta avioelämästä by Strindberg, August
  195. Avioelämää II Kahdeksantoista aviojuttua by Strindberg, August
  196. An Accidental Honeymoon by Potter, David
  197. Cuentos Clásicos del Norte, Primera Serie by Poe, Edgar Allan
  198. Starved Rock by Masters, Edgar Lee
  199. Conquest Or, A Piece of Jade; a New Play in Three Acts by Stopes, Marie Carmichael
  200. Sketch of the History of the Knights Templars Second Edition by Burnes, James
  201. Plowing On Sunday by North, Sterling
  202. Orlando Furioso, Tomo I. by Ariosto, Lodovico
  203. A New Witness for God (Volume 1 of 3) by Roberts, B. H. (Brigham Henry)
  204. Über das Geistige in der Kunst Insbesondere in der Malerei by Kandinsky, Wassily
  205. Wege und Umwege by Kolb, Annette
  206. Jack Among the Indians A Boy's Summer on the Buffalo Plains by Grinnell, George Bird
  207. Ford Manual (1919) For Owners and Operators of Ford Cars and Trucks by Company, Ford Motor
  208. A Vision of Venus Or, A Midsummer-Night's Nightmare by Pleon, Harry
  209. A Voice from Jerusalem A Sketch of the Travels and Ministry of Elder Orson Hyde by Hyde, Orson
  210. Concord Days by Alcott, Amos Bronson
  211. The Retreat from Mons by Gordon, George Stuart
  212. Ombre di occaso by Oriani, Alfredo
  213. The Covenant of Salt As Based on the Significance and Symbolism of Salt in Primitive Thought by Trumbull, H. Clay (Henry Clay)
  214. Nemmeno un bacio Dramma in tre atti e un epilogo by Bracco, Roberto
  215. Il perfetto amore Dialogo in tre atti by Bracco, Roberto
  216. The Battles in Flanders From Ypres to Neuve Chapelle by Dane, Edmund
  217. Carriages & Coaches Their History & Their Evolution by Straus, Ralph
  218. The Romantic Lady by Arlen, Michael
  219. The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Vol. III: Acadia, 1611-1616 by Various
  220. An Unsinkable Titanic Every Ship its own Lifeboat by Walker, John Bernard
  221. Mothwise by Hamsun, Knut
  222. Items on the Priesthood presented to the Latter-day Saints by Taylor, John
  223. The Fantasy Fan September 1933 The Fan's Own Magazine by Various
  224. Tour in England, Ireland, and France, in the years 1826, 1827, 1828 and 1829. with remarks on the manners and customs of the inhabitants, and anecdotes of distiguished public characters. In a series of letters by a German Prince. by Pückler-Muskau, Hermann, Fürst von
  225. Histoire de Flandre (T. 2/4) by Lettenhove, Constantine Bruno Kervyn de
  226. Quartetto by Oriani, Alfredo
  227. Niobe, All Smiles A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts by Paulton, Edward A. (Edward Antonio) Paulton, Harry
  228. The Life and Times of Col. Daniel Boone, Hunter, Soldier, and Pioneer With Sketches of Simon Kenton, Lewis Wetzel, and Other Leaders in the Settlement of the West by Ellis, Edward Sylvester
  229. It Never Can Happen Again by De Morgan, William
  230. The Life of George Stephenson and of his Son Robert Stephenson Comprising Also a History of the Invention and Introduction of the Railway Locomotive by Smiles, Samuel
  231. Our Little Austrian Cousin by Mendel, Florence E.
  232. Der brennende Dornbusch/Mörder. Hoffnung der Frauen by Kokoschka, Oskar
  233. The Boy's Book of New Inventions by Maule, Harry E.
  234. With the Black Prince by Stoddard, William Osborn
  235. Guingamor, Lanval, Tyolet, Bisclaveret Four lais rendered into English prose by France, Marie de
  236. The Passing of the Turkish Empire in Europe by Baker, B. Granville (Bernard Granville)
  237. The Red Widow; or, The Death-Dealers of London by Le Queux, William
  238. The Romance of Book Collecting by Slater, J. Herbert (John Herbert)
  239. Mazes and Labyrinths A General Account of their History and Development by Matthews, W. H.
  240. A Modest Meane to Mariage pleasauntly set foorth by that famous Clarke Erasmus Roterodamus, and translated into Englishe by N.L. by Roterodamus, Clarke Erasmus
  241. Chains A Play, in Four Acts by Baker, Elizabeth
  242. Some Notes on Early Woodcut Books, with a Chapter on Illuminated Manuscripts by Morris, Willam
  243. The British Expedition to the Crimea by Russell, William Howard, Sir
  244. Divine Authority Or the Question: Was Joseph Smith Sent of God? by Pratt, Orson
  245. The Kingdom of God, Part 1 by Pratt, Orson
  246. L'Illustration, No. 0061, 27 Avril 1844 by Various
  247. Historia General del Derecho Español, Tomo I by Hinojosa, Eduardo de
  248. The Book of Masks by Gourmont, Remy de
  249. Belgium by Omond, George W. T. (George William Thomson)
  250. A History of the Cambridge University Press by Roberts, S. C. (Sydney Castle)
  251. The Thorn in the Nest by Finley, Martha
  252. Old Continental Towns by Hartley, C. Gasquoine (Catherine Gasquoine)
  253. The Highflyers by Kelland, Clarence Budington
  254. Mariages d'aventure by Gaboriau, Emile
  255. Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the Million Containing Four Thousand Five Hundred and Forty-five Receipts, Facts, Directions, etc. in the Useful, Ornamental, and Domestic Arts by Hale, Sarah Josepha
  256. Yvonne Müller by Flake, Otto
  257. In the Ypres Salient The Story of a Fortnight's Canadian Fighting, June 2-16, 1916 by Willson, Beckles
  258. Motor Matt's Daring, or, True to His Friends Motor Stories Thrilling Adventure Motor Fiction No. 2, March 6, 1909 by Matthews, Stanley R.
  259. Thorley Weir by Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)
  260. Die Gewerkschaftsbewegung Darstellung der gewerkschaftlichen Organisation der Arbeiter und der Arbeitgeber aller Länder. by Kulemann, Wilhelm
  261. Up the Country by Eden, Emily
  262. Friends of France The Field Service of the American Ambulance Described by its Members by Various
  263. Pilgrim Sorrow A Cycle of Tales by Sylva, Carmen
  264. Kabouters in het Bosch by Valkenstein, Kees
  265. Songs from the Smoke by Miller, Madeleine Sweeny
  266. María Luisa, Leyenda Histórica by Portillo, Andrés
  267. The Sharper Detected and Exposed by Robert-Houdin, Jean-Eugène
  268. Gnadenreiche, unsere Königin by Jung, Franz
  269. Die Musen Eine Ode by Claudel, Paul
  270. Mark Tidd in Business by Kelland, Clarence B.
  271. Neid by Wildenbruch, Ernst von
  272. The Island of Yellow Sands An Adventure and Mystery Story for Boys by Brill, E. C.
  273. The Journal of Leo Tolstoi (First Volume—1895-1899) by Tolstoy, Leo, graf
  274. Church Bells by Walters, H. B.
  275. Oxford and its Story by Headlam, Cecil
  276. Redmanship in Kentucky for Fifty Great Suns by Smith, Frank L.
  277. The Treasure of Pearls A Romance of Adventures in California by Aimard, Gustave
  278. Musta kääpiö by Scott, Walter
  279. Fra Mindebo Jyske Folkeæventyr by Kristensen, Evald Tang
  280. Los Merodeadores de Fronteras by Aimard, Gustave
  281. Early Western Travels 1748-1846, Volume XVI by Various
  282. A Monograph of Odontoglossum by Bateman, James
  283. L'Illustration, No. 1584, 5 Juillet 1873 by Various
  284. The Motor-Bus in War Being the Impressions of an A.S.C. Officer during Two and a Half Years at the Front by Beatson, A. M.
  285. My Austrian Love The History of the Adventures of an English Composer in Vienna. Written in the Trenches by Himself by Provost, Maxime
  286. L'ancien Figaro by Anonymous
  287. Looking Back An Autobiography by Richardson, Merrick Abner
  288. The Book of Vagabonds and Beggars with a Vocabulary of Their Language by Anonymous
  289. Stories from Northern Myths by Baker, Emilie K. (Emilie Kip)
  290. Jack the Young Canoeman An Eastern Boy's Voyage in a Chinook Canoe by Grinnell, George Bird
  291. Pan by Hamsun, Knut
  292. Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks by Corporation, Union Pacific
  293. Selina Her Hopeful Efforts and Her Livelier Failures by Martin, George Madden
  294. Germany's Dishonoured Army Additional records of German atrocities in France by Morgan, Prof. J.H.
  295. The Immigrant Tide, Its Ebb and Flow by Steiner, Edward A.
  296. Capitale e mano d'opera Le Commedie, vol. 1 by Carrera, Valentino
  297. Dedica - Scarabocchio Le Commedie, vol. 1 by Carrera, Valentino
  298. La quaderna di Nanni Le Commedie, vol. 1 by Carrera, Valentino
  299. Mary Broome A Comedy, in Four Acts by Monkhouse, Allan
  300. With the French Flying Corps by Winslow, Carroll Dana
  301. The First Canadians in France The Chronicle of a Military Hospital in the War Zone by Bell, F. McKelvey (Frederick McKelvey)
  302. Toledo. The Story of an Old Spanish Capital by Lynch, Hannah
  303. Riding and Driving by Collier, Price Anderson, Edward L.
  304. South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. 6 (of 6) by Creswicke, Louis
  305. The Silent Rifleman A tale of the Texan prairies by Herbert, Henry William Jackson, James Grey
  306. Yellowstone via Gallatin Gateway Montana by Corporation, Milwaukee Road
  307. Knots Untied Or, Ways and By-ways in the Hidden Life of American Detectives by McWatters, George S.
  308. Memoiren einer Grossmutter, Band II Bilder aus der Kulturgeschichte der Juden Russlands im 19. Jahrhundert by Wengeroff, Pauline
  309. Die Mormonen Ihr Prophet, ihr Staat und ihr Glaube by Busch, Moritz
  310. A Journal of the Reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1852 (Volume 2 of 3) The Greville Memoirs (Second Part) by Greville, Charles
  311. A Journal of the Reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1852 - Part 2 Vol 3 by Greville, Charles
  312. The Works of John Marston Volume 2 by Marston, John
  313. The Works of John Marston Volume 3 by Marston, John
  314. Jones of the 64th A Tale of the Battles of Assaye and Laswaree by Brereton, F. S. (Frederick Sadleir)
  315. L'Illustration, No. 1585, 12 Juillet 1873 by Various
  316. Vital Records of the Town of Auburn, (Formerly Ward), Massachusetts, To the end of the year 1850 With the Inscriptions from the Old Burial Grounds by Rice, Franklin P.
  317. Verdi: Man and Musician His Biography with Especial Reference to His English Experiences by Crowest, Frederick James
  318. Ella Clinton or By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them by Finley, Martha
  319. Jungle Folk Indian Natural History Sketches by Dewar, Douglas
  320. The Vale of Lyvennet Its Picturesque Peeps and Legendary Lore by Bland, John Salkeld
  321. Wulnoth the Wanderer A Story of King Alfred of England by Escott-Inman, Herbert
  322. The Spell of the Heart of France The Towns, Villages and Chateaus about Paris by Hallays, André
  323. Punch Cartoons of the Great War by Various
  324. The Soul of the Soldier: Sketches from the Western Battle-Front by Tiplady, Thomas
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