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  1. Apocolocyntosis by Seneca, Lucius Annaeus
  2. The House on the Borderland by Hodgson, William Hope
  3. My First Years as a Frenchwoman, 1876-1879 by Waddington, Mary King
  4. The Warriors by Lindsay, Anna Robertson Brown
  5. A Voyage to the Moon With Some Account of the Manners and Customs, Science and Philosophy, of the People of Morosofia, and Other Lunarians by Tucker, George
  6. La Fiammetta by Boccaccio, Giovanni
  7. Carmilla by Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan
  8. The Mystery by Adams, Samuel Hopkins White, Stewart Edward
  9. Wild Northern Scenes Or, Sporting Adventures with the Rifle and the Rod by Hammond, S. H. (Samuel H.)
  10. The Eulogies of Howard A Vision by Hayley, William
  11. 365 Foreign Dishes A Foreign Dish for Every Day in the Year by Unknown
  12. The Mountains of California by Muir, John
  13. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 09, May 28, 1870 by Various
  14. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 18, July 30, 1870 by Various
  15. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 19, August 6, 1870 by Various
  16. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 21, August 20, 1870 by Various
  17. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 23, September 3, 1870 by Various
  18. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 05, April 30, 1870 by Various
  19. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 22, August 27, 1870 by Various
  20. The Strand Magazine: Volume VII, Issue 37. January, 1894. An Illustrated Monthly by Various
  21. Tenterhooks by Leverson, Ada
  22. White Queen of the Cannibals: the Story of Mary Slessor of Calabar by Bueltmann, A. J.
  23. There's Pippins and Cheese to Come by Brooks, Charles S. (Charles Stephen)
  24. Beneath the Banner Being Narratives of Noble Lives and Brave Deeds by Cross, F. J. (Frederick J.)
  25. Gaslight Sonatas by Hurst, Fannie
  26. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 10, No. 268, August 11, 1827 by Various
  27. The Triple Alliance, Its Trials and Triumphs by Avery, Harold
  28. Spalding's Official Baseball Guide - 1913
  29. The Hunt Ball Mystery by Magnay, William, Sir
  30. The Life of Hon. William F. Cody, Known as Buffalo Bill, the Famous Hunter, Scout and Guide An Autobiography by Buffalo Bill
  31. The Complete Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe Including Essays on Poetry by Poe, Edgar Allan
  32. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 24, September 10, 1870 by Various
  33. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 25, September 17, 1870 by Various
  34. Punchinello, Volume 1, No. 26, September 24, 1870 by Various
  35. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 27, October 1, 1870 by Various
  36. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 28, October 8, 1870 by Various
  37. A Beautiful Possibility by Black, Edith Ferguson
  38. The Magnetic North by Robins, Elizabeth
  39. The Works of Aphra Behn, Volume III by Behn, Aphra
  40. Aleutian Indian and English Dictionary Common Words in the Dialects of the Aleutian Indian Language as Spoken by the Oogashik, Egashik, Anangashuk and Misremie Tribes Around Sulima River and Neighboring Parts of the Alaska Peninsula by Lee, Charles A.
  41. The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck: A Comedy of Limitations by Cabell, James Branch
  42. The Child under Eight by Murray, E. R. (Elsie Riach) Smith, Henrietta Brown
  43. Klondyke Nuggets A Brief Description of the Great Gold Regions in the Northwest by Ladue, Joseph
  44. The Father of British Canada: a Chronicle of Carleton by Wood, William Charles Henry
  45. Dave Darrin's Second Year at Annapolis Or, Two Midshipmen as Naval Academy "Youngsters" by Hancock, H. Irving (Harrie Irving)
  46. Salute to Adventurers by Buchan, John
  47. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 29, October 15, 1870 by Various
  48. Billie Bradley and Her Inheritance Or, The Queer Homestead at Cherry Corners by Wheeler, Janet D.
  49. Old Lady Mary A Story of the Seen and the Unseen by Oliphant, Mrs. (Margaret)
  50. A Little Pilgrim: Stories of the Seen and the Unseen by Oliphant, Mrs. (Margaret)
  51. The Little Pilgrim: Further Experiences. Stories of the Seen and the Unseen. by Oliphant, Mrs. (Margaret)
  52. The Open Door, and the Portrait. Stories of the Seen and the Unseen. by Oliphant, Mrs. (Margaret)
  53. La vampire by Féval, Paul
  54. Nova analysis aquarum Medeviensium by Berzelius, Jöns Jakob, friherre
  55. Hamburgische Dramaturgie by Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim
  56. Chinese Literature Comprising the Analects of Confucius, the Sayings of Mencius, the Shi-King, the Travels of Fâ-Hien, and the Sorrows of Han by Mencius Confucius Faxian
  57. The Secret of the Tower by Hope, Anthony
  58. The Divine Office A Study of the Roman Breviary by Quigley, Edward J.
  59. Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation by Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank)
  60. Discourses: Biological & Geological Essays by Huxley, Thomas Henry
  61. Les Heures Claires by Verhaeren, Emile
  62. The Iron Game A Tale of the War by Keenan, Henry F. (Henry Francis)
  63. Happiness and Marriage by Towne, Elizabeth
  64. Beltane the Smith by Farnol, Jeffery
  65. The Constitution of the United States A Brief Study of the Genesis, Formulation and Political Philosophy of the Constitution by Beck, James M. (James Montgomery)
  66. Gunman's Reckoning by Brand, Max
  67. The Mystery of the Boule Cabinet: A Detective Story by Stevenson, Burton Egbert
  68. The Power and the Glory by Cooke, Grace MacGowan
  69. Account of the Romansh Language In a Letter to Sir John Pringle, Bart. P. R. S. by Planta, Joseph
  70. Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Eggleston, Edward
  71. By-Ways of Bombay by Edwardes, S. M. (Stephen Meredyth)
  72. English Housewifery Exemplified in above Four Hundred and Fifty Receipts Giving Directions for most Parts of Cookery by Moxon, Elizabeth
  73. The Century Vocabulary Builder by Bachelor, Joseph M. (Joseph Morris) Greever, Garland
  74. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 10, No. 269, August 18, 1827 by Various
  75. A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Venture, a Native of Africa, but Resident above Sixty Years in the United States of America, Related by Himself by Smith, Venture
  76. Lister's Great Adventure by Bindloss, Harold
  77. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 10, No. 60, October, 1862 A Magazine of Literature, Art, and Politics by Various
  78. Plain Words from America: A Letter to a German Professor (1917) by Johnson, Douglas Wilson
  79. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 09, July, 1858 A Magazine of Literature, Art, and Politics by Various
  80. Mobilizing Woman-Power by Blatch, Harriot Stanton
  81. The Boy Allies at Jutland; Or, The Greatest Naval Battle of History by Hayes, Clair W. (Clair Wallace)
  82. The Hampstead Mystery by Watson, John R. (John Reay) Rees, Arthur J. (Arthur John)
  83. The House of the Whispering Pines by Green, Anna Katharine
  84. Kazan by Curwood, James Oliver
  85. Moorish Literature Comprising Romantic Ballads, Tales of the Berbers, Stories of the Kabyles, Folk-Lore, and National Traditions
  86. The Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley by Otis, James
  87. Old Lady Number 31 by Forsslund, Louise
  88. Thaumaturgia Or, Elucidations of the Marvellous by Oxonian
  89. Elves and Heroes by Mackenzie, Donald A. (Donald Alexander)
  90. Peaceless Europe by Nitti, Francesco Saverio
  91. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 31, October 29, 1870 by Various
  92. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 30, October 22, 1870 by Various
  93. Gutta-Percha Willie The Working Genius by MacDonald, George
  94. A Soldier of Virginia: A Tale of Colonel Washington and Braddock's Defeat by Stevenson, Burton Egbert
  95. The Twilight of the Gods, and Other Tales by Garnett, Richard
  96. The Trojan women of Euripides by Euripides
  97. The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of Their Strife by Carpenter, Edward
  98. How Jerusalem Was Won Being the Record of Allenby's Campaign in Palestine by Massey, W. T. (William Thomas)
  99. Towards the Goal by Ward, Humphry, Mrs.
  100. Byron by Nichol, John
  101. A Little Boy Lost by Hudson, W. H. (William Henry)
  102. The Czar's Spy: The Mystery of a Silent Love by Le Queux, William
  103. The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 08 The Later Renaissance: from Gutenberg to the Reformation
  104. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 32, November 5, 1870 by Various
  105. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 33, November 12, 1870 by Various
  106. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 34, November 19, 1870 by Various
  107. With British Guns in Italy: A Tribute to Italian Achievement by Dalton, Hugh Dalton, Baron
  108. A Treatise of Daunses, Wherin It is Shewed, That They Are as It Were Accessories and Dependants (Or Thynges Annexed) to Whoredome Where Also by the Way is Touched and Proued, That Playes Are Ioyned and Knit Togeather in a Rancke or Rowe with Them (1581) by Anonymous
  109. The Unspeakable Gentleman by Marquand, John P. (John Phillips)
  110. The Postmaster's Daughter by Tracy, Louis
  111. Boys and Girls from Thackeray by Sweetser, Kate Dickinson
  112. American Political Ideas Viewed from the Standpoint of Universal History by Fiske, John
  113. De mannen van '80 aan het woord Een onderzoek vaar eenige beginselen van de "Nieuwe-Gids"-school. by D'Oliveira, E. (Elias)
  114. The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 02 (From the Rise of Greece to the Christian Era)
  115. Two Centuries of Costume in America, Volume 1 (1620-1820) by Earle, Alice Morse
  116. All Saints' Day and Other Sermons by Kingsley, Charles
  117. Den siste atenaren by Rydberg, Viktor
  118. The Folk-lore of Plants by Dyer, T. F. Thiselton (Thomas Firminger Thiselton)
  119. Adonais by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
  120. England of My Heart : Spring by Hutton, Edward
  121. The Literature of Arabia With Critical and Biographical Sketches by Epiphanius Wilson
  122. Fairies and Fusiliers by Graves, Robert
  123. Aunt Jane's Nieces by Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank)
  124. Aunt Jane's Nieces and Uncle John by Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank)
  125. The Best Letters of Charles Lamb by Lamb, Charles
  126. Home-Life of the Lancashire Factory Folk during the Cotton Famine by Waugh, Edwin
  127. Abducted to Oz by Evans, Robert J. Dulabone, Chris
  128. The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 17
  129. Excellent Women by Various
  130. The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb — Volume 3 Books for Children by Lamb, Mary Lamb, Charles
  131. Required Poems for Reading and Memorizing Third and Fourth Grades, Prescribed by State Courses of Study by Anonymous
  132. The Sowers by Merriman, Henry Seton
  133. The Vigil of Venus and Other Poems by "Q" by Quiller-Couch, Arthur
  134. John Wesley, Jr. The Story of an Experiment by Brummitt, Dan B. (Dan Brearley)
  135. The Great English Short-Story Writers, Volume 1
  136. The Book of Household Management by Beeton, Mrs. (Isabella Mary)
  137. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 01, No. 02, December, 1857 A Magazine of Literature, Art, and Politics by Various
  138. The Faith of the Millions (2nd series) by Tyrrell, George
  139. Rhetoric and Poetry in the Renaissance A Study of Rhetorical Terms in English Renaissance Literary Criticism by Clark, Donald Lemen
  140. A Discourse on the Life, Character and Writings of Gulian Crommelin Verplanck Delivered before the New-York Historical Society, May 17th, 1870 by Bryant, William Cullen
  141. Maezli A Story of the Swiss Valleys by Spyri, Johanna
  142. Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 153, July 11, 1917 by Various
  143. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 35, November 26, 1870 by Various
  144. Turkey: a Past and a Future by Toynbee, Arnold
  145. Reminiscences of Pioneer Days in St. Paul A Collection of Articles Written for and Published in the Daily Pioneer Press by Moore, Frank
  146. America's War for Humanity by Russell, Thomas Herbert
  147. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Pyle, Howard
  148. Home as Found Sequel to "Homeward Bound" by Cooper, James Fenimore
  149. Dracula's Guest by Stoker, Bram
  150. The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 05 (From Charlemagne to Frederick Barbarossa)
  151. England and the War by Raleigh, Walter Alexander, Sir
  152. Pierre Nozière by France, Anatole
  153. English Poets of the Eighteenth Century
  154. Dio's Rome, Volume 3 An Historical Narrative Originally Composed in Greek During The Reigns of Septimius Severus, Geta and Caracalla, Macrinus, Elagabalus and Alexander Severus by Cassius Dio Cocceianus
  155. Mohammedanism Lectures on Its Origin, Its Religious and Political Growth, and Its Present State by Hurgronje, C. Snouck (Christiaan Snouck)
  156. The Black Creek Stopping-House, and Other Stories by McClung, Nellie L.
  157. Across the Zodiac The Story of a Wrecked Record by Greg, Percy
  158. What Germany Thinks Or, The War as Germans see it by Smith, Thomas F. A.
  159. The Desert of Wheat by Grey, Zane
  160. Maria Mitchell: Life, Letters, and Journals by Mitchell, Maria
  161. Wolves of the Sea Being a Tale of the Colonies from the Manuscript of One Geoffry Carlyle, Seaman, Narrating Certain Strange Adventures Which Befell Him Aboard the Pirate Craft "Namur" by Parrish, Randall
  162. At Whispering Pine Lodge by Leslie, Lawrence J.
  163. Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus by Peck, George W. (George Wilbur)
  164. The Everlasting Whisper by Gregory, Jackson
  165. Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato by Taylor, Thomas
  166. Manfredo Palavicino, o, I Francesi e gli Sforzeschi Storia Italiana by Rovani, Giuseppe
  167. Poems by Holley, Marietta
  168. The Land of Little Rain by Austin, Mary Hunter
  169. Stauder by Brandt, G. N. (Gudmund Nyeland)
  170. The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth — Volume 1 by Wordsworth, William
  171. Daddy Takes Us Skating by Garis, Howard Roger
  172. Purple Springs by McClung, Nellie L.
  173. The Pilgrims of New England A Tale of the Early American Settlers by Webb-Peploe, Mrs. (Annie)
  174. Meyers Konversationslexikon Band 15 by Various
  175. Kalitan, Our Little Alaskan Cousin by Nixon-Roulet, Mary F.
  176. Their Crimes
  177. Beautiful Joe An Autobiography by Saunders, Marshall
  178. Old Creole Days: A Story of Creole Life by Cable, George Washington
  179. Town Geology by Kingsley, Charles
  180. The Glands Regulating Personality A Study of the Glands of Internal Secretion in Relation to the Types of Human Nature by Berman, Louis
  181. The Outdoor Chums Or, The First Tour of the Rod, Gun and Camera Club by Allen, Quincy
  182. Patty at Home by Wells, Carolyn
  183. Sermons on Evil-Speaking by Barrow, Isaac
  184. Le Chat du Neptune by Hervilly, Ernest d'
  185. Confession de Minuit Roman by Duhamel, Georges
  186. In the Fourth Year: Anticipations of a World Peace by Wells, H. G. (Herbert George)
  187. Punchinello, Volume 2, No. 36, December 3, 1870 by Various
  188. Relación historica de los sucesos de la rebelión de José Gabriel Tupac-Amaru en las provincias del Peru, el año de 1780 by Anonymous
  189. Verse and Prose for Beginners in Reading Selected from English and American Literature
  190. After Dinner Toast at Little Menlo by Sullivan, Arthur
  191. The Sonnets of Michael Angelo Buonarroti and Tommaso Campanella; Now for the First Time Translated into Rhymed English by Campanella, Tommaso Michelangelo Buonarroti
  192. The Persian Literature, Comprising The Shah Nameh, The Rubaiyat, The Divan, and The Gulistan, Volume 1 by Hafiz, 14th cent. Omar Khayyam Firdawsi
  193. Roy Blakeley's Adventures in Camp by Fitzhugh, Percy Keese
  194. Betty Gordon at Boarding School; Or, The Treasure of Indian Chasm by Emerson, Alice B.
  195. Damon and Delia: A Tale by Godwin, William
  196. Dave Darrin's Third Year at Annapolis Or, Leaders of the Second Class Midshipmen by Hancock, H. Irving (Harrie Irving)
  197. Dotty Dimple at Play by May, Sophie
  198. Dragon's blood by Rideout, Henry Milner
  199. Miss Prudence A Story of Two Girls' Lives. by Conklin, Nathaniel, Mrs.
  200. The Rover Boys at College; Or, The Right Road and the Wrong by Stratemeyer, Edward
  201. Bull Hunter by Brand, Max
  202. The Gospel of the Pentateuch: A Set of Parish Sermons by Kingsley, Charles
  203. David: Five Sermons by Kingsley, Charles
  204. Alias the Lone Wolf by Vance, Louis Joseph
  205. Poems by Cassels, Walter Richard
  206. Snubby Nose and Tippy Toes by Smith, Laura Rountree
  207. Fruitfulness by Zola, Émile
  208. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 12, No. 324, July 26, 1828 by Various
  209. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 12, No. 325, August 2, 1828 by Various
  210. The European Anarchy by Dickinson, G. Lowes (Goldsworthy Lowes)
  211. Van 't viooltje dat weten wilde by Metz-Koning, Maria Catherina
  212. Children's Rights: A Book of Nursery Logic by Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith
  213. A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 7
  214. Lady into Fox by Garnett, David
  215. With the Turks in Palestine by Aaronsohn, Alexander
  216. An Antarctic Mystery by Verne, Jules
  217. Dab Kinzer A Story of a Growing Boy by Stoddard, William Osborn
  218. The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 21 The Recent Days (1910-1914)
  219. The Velvet Glove by Merriman, Henry Seton
  220. The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb — Volume 2 Elia and The Last Essays of Elia by Lamb, Charles Lamb, Mary
  221. Domestic Manners of the Americans by Trollope, Frances Milton
  222. C'Était ainsi... by Buysse, Cyriël
  223. Free from School by Alvares, Rahul
  224. Go to Sea Once More by McGuinn, Roger
  225. Naar het middelpunt der Aarde by Verne, Jules
  226. The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 06 Reviews, Political Tracts, and Lives of Eminent Persons by Johnson, Samuel
  227. The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 10 Parlimentary Debates I by Johnson, Samuel
  228. The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 11. Parlimentary Debates II. by Johnson, Samuel
  229. Satyros oder Der vergötterte Waldteufel by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
  230. Die Laune des Verliebten Ein Schäferspiel in Versen und einem Akt by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
  231. Travels in Morocco, Volume 1. by Richardson, James
  232. Travels in Morocco, Volume 2. by Richardson, James
  233. Life of Johnson, Volume 4 1780-1784 by Boswell, James
  234. The Boss of Little Arcady by Wilson, Harry Leon
  235. Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville by Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank)
  236. Kitty's Class Day and Other Stories by Alcott, Louisa May
  237. The Creative Process in the Individual by Troward, T. (Thomas)
  238. Sketches of the East Africa Campaign by Dolbey, Robert Valentine
  239. The Bravo: A Tale by Cooper, James Fenimore
  240. Yeast: a Problem by Kingsley, Charles
  241. Precaution: A Novel by Cooper, James Fenimore
  242. Freedom's Battle Being a Comprehensive Collection of Writings and Speeches on the Present Situation by Gandhi, Mahatma
  243. Poems by Carr, John, Sir
  244. The Vizier of the Two-Horned Alexander by Stockton, Frank Richard
  245. Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel by Yeardley, John
  246. Sustained honor The Age of Liberty Established by Musick, John R. (John Roy)
  247. The Cinema Murder by Oppenheim, E. Phillips (Edward Phillips)
  248. Bunch Grass A Chronicle of Life on a Cattle Ranch by Vachell, Horace Annesley
  249. The Middle Temple Murder by Fletcher, J. S. (Joseph Smith)
  250. The Ramblin' Kid by Bowman, Earl Wayland
  251. England's Antiphon by MacDonald, George
  252. American Indian Stories by Zitkala-Sa
  253. The Evil Guest by Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan
  254. Autobiography by Mill, John Stuart
  255. At Love's Cost by Garvice, Charles
  256. Bible Stories and Religious Classics by Wells, Philip P. (Philip Patterson)
  257. The History of a Crime The Testimony of an Eye-Witness by Hugo, Victor
  258. Memoir of William Watts McNair, Late of "Connaught house," Mussooree, of the Indian Survey Department, the First European Explorer of Kafiristan by Howard, J. E.
  259. The Maternal Management of Children, in Health and Disease by Bull, Thomas
  260. Le Pays de l'or by Conscience, Hendrik
  261. Histoire de la Révolution française, Tome 3 by Thiers, Adolphe
  262. Thoughts on the Necessity of Improving the Condition of the Slaves in the British Colonies With a View to Their Ultimate Emancipation; and on the Practicability, the Safety, and the Advantages of the Latter Measure. by Clarkson, Thomas
  263. A Century Too Soon: The Age of Tyranny by Musick, John R. (John Roy)
  264. A Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 1
  265. Northern Trails, Book I. by Long, William J. (William Joseph)
  266. The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Troward, T. (Thomas)
  267. The Wolf's Long Howl by Waterloo, Stanley
  268. The Reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins (Baron Brampton) by Brampton, Henry Hawkins, Baron
  269. Making the House a Home by Guest, Edgar A. (Edgar Albert)
  270. Stolen Treasure by Pyle, Howard
  271. Joy and Power: Three Messages with One Meaning by Van Dyke, Henry
  272. Andy the Acrobat Or, Out with the Greatest Show on Earth by Harkness, Peter T.
  273. Affairs of State Being an Account of Certain Surprising Adventures Which Befell an American Family in the Land of Windmills by Stevenson, Burton Egbert
  274. The American Child by McCracken, Elizabeth
  275. The Story of Louis Riel: the Rebel Chief by Collins, J. E. (Joseph Edmund)
  276. Historie van Mejuffrouw Sara Burgerhart by Wolff, Elizabeth Bekker Deken, Agatha
  277. Personal Memoir of Daniel Drayton, For Four Years and Four Months a Prisoner (For Charity's Sake) in Washington Jail Including A Narrative Of The Voyage And Capture Of The Schooner Pearl by Drayton, Daniel
  278. A Man and His Money by Isham, Frederic Stewart
  279. 'Twixt France and Spain Or, A Spring in the Pyrenees by Bilbrough, E. Ernest
  280. Man-Size by Raine, William MacLeod
  281. The Crisis of the Naval War by Jellicoe, John Rushworth Jellicoe, Earl
  282. The Powers and Maxine by Williamson, A. M. (Alice Muriel) Williamson, C. N. (Charles Norris)
  283. Love, Life & Work Being a Book of Opinions Reasonably Good-Natured Concerning How to Attain the Highest Happiness for One's Self with the Least Possible Harm to Others by Hubbard, Elbert
  284. The Money Moon: A Romance by Farnol, Jeffery
  285. The Forest Monster of Oz by Evans, Robert J. Dulabone, Chris
  286. The Principles of Success in Literature by Lewes, George Henry
  287. The Life of Lord Byron by Galt, John
  288. Caesar Dies by Mundy, Talbot
  289. Torquato Tasso Ein Schauspiel by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
  290. Die natürliche Tochter by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
  291. Scientific Essays and Lectures by Kingsley, Charles
  292. Die Aufgeregten by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
  293. Miss Lulu Bett by Gale, Zona
  294. Trips to the Moon by Lucian, of Samosata
  295. Thirty Years a Slave From Bondage to Freedom: The Institution of Slavery as Seen on the Plantation and in the Home of the Planter: Autobiography of Louis Hughes by Hughes, Louis
  296. Aunt Jane's Nieces out West by Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank)
  297. A Flock of Girls and Boys by Perry, Nora
  298. Wyandotté; Or, The Hutted Knoll: A Tale by Cooper, James Fenimore
  299. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 12, October, 1858 A Magazine of Literature, Art, and Politics by Various
  300. Erick and Sally by Spyri, Johanna
  301. Pulpit and Press (6th Edition) by Eddy, Mary Baker
  302. Up the Hill and Over by Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone
  303. From Yauco to Las Marias A recent campaign in Puerto Rico by the Independent Regular Brigade under the command of Brig. General Schwan by Herrman, Karl Stephen
  304. Tutt and Mr. Tutt by Train, Arthur Cheney
  305. The Green Mouse by Chambers, Robert W. (Robert William)
  306. La Comédie de la mort by Gautier, Théophile
  307. The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by Fletcher, J. S. (Joseph Smith)
  308. The Peace Negotiations: A Personal Narrative by Lansing, Robert
  309. American Big Game in Its Haunts The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club
  310. The Green Flag, and Other Stories of War and Sport by Doyle, Arthur Conan
  311. October Vagabonds by Le Gallienne, Richard
  312. The Anti-Slavery Harp: A Collection of Songs for Anti-Slavery Meetings
  313. Burnham Breaker by Greene, Homer
  314. Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 153, August 22, 1917 by Various
  315. Life of Johnson, Volume 5 Tour to the Hebrides (1773) and Journey into North Wales (1774) by Boswell, James
  316. Peter's Mother by De La Pasture, Henry, Mrs.
  317. A Practical Physiology: A Text-Book for Higher Schools by Blaisdell, Albert F. (Albert Franklin)
  318. Tales for Young and Old by Various
  319. A Golden Book of Venice by Turnbull, Lawrence, Mrs.
  320. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 11, September, 1858 A Magazine of Literature, Art, and Politics by Various
  321. The Lonely Dancer and Other Poems by Le Gallienne, Richard
  322. Three short works The Dance of Death, the Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitaller, a Simple Soul. by Flaubert, Gustave
  323. The Celtic Twilight by Yeats, W. B. (William Butler)
  324. When Day is Done by Guest, Edgar A. (Edgar Albert)
  325. Journals of Australian Explorations by Gregory, Francis Thomas Gregory, Augustus Charles
  326. Clarissa Harlowe; or the history of a young lady — Volume 4 by Richardson, Samuel
  327. The Little House in the Fairy Wood by Eliot, Ethel Cook
  328. A Child's Anti-Slavery Book Containing a Few Words about American Slave Children and Stories of Slave-Life. by Various
  329. The Outdoor Girls of Deepdale; Or, camping and tramping for fun and health by Hope, Laura Lee
  330. Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories by Burnett, Frances Hodgson
  331. A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 8
  332. Aunt Jane's Nieces in Society by Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank)
  333. Johnny Crow's Garden by Brooke, L. Leslie (Leonard Leslie)
  334. Nine Hundred Miles by McGuinn, Roger
  335. The World's Greatest Books — Volume 01 — Fiction
  336. Arthurian Chronicles: Roman de Brut by Wace
  337. The Heart of the Range by White, William Patterson
  338. The Lost Naval Papers by Copplestone, Bennet
  339. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 12, No. 326, August 9, 1828 by Various
  340. The Vanishing Man A Detective Romance by Freeman, R. Austin (Richard Austin)
  341. Beacon Lights of History, Volume 01: The Old Pagan Civilizations by Lord, John
  342. Beacon Lights of History, Volume 02: Jewish Heroes and Prophets by Lord, John
  343. Our Churches and Chapels Their Parsons, Priests, & Congregations Being a Critical and Historical Account of Every Place of Worship in Preston by Atticus
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